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Okay, so what is a REIT?

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)
are essentially funds that own or finance income-generating property. They are a great way for anyone to gain access to the financial benefits of owning real estate, without major financial commitments or the hassle of managing the property.

Great, but why should I invest in REITs?

Cost efficiency

Buying a house requires large amounts of money, while REITs only require a minimum of £1 investment.

Regular Income

REITs create income through the renting and leasing of properties, which then generates steady income for investors.

Investor-friendly regulations

REITs are legally bound to redistribute at least 90% of their profits between investors through dividends. Yay for you!

More Benefits, Less Hassle

REITs give investors access to the financial benefits of real estate ownership, without the hassle of managing the property

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I love it! I always thought investment was too complicated... until I found Reitly!

Ali, Birmingham

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