About us

About us


Our founders, Leona and Alfonso, decided they wanted to make a difference. To create a fairer society, more democratic, more accessible, more inclusive.

Reitly was born.

In line with government objectives and regulators targets, we want to help the masses to understand their financial position as well as what options are open to them.

We believe financial freedom isn't just for the rich, its for everyone.


Leona Mondsee

Leona is a chartered accountant and holds an MBA from WBS. Her career has given her in depth knowledge in finances, from working as an analyst for a stockbroking firm to CFO and board advisor roles in tech companies.
She is a passionate believer in sharing that knowledge and has spoken at high profile conferences around the globe.


Alfonso Gonzalez

Alfonso has over 20 years of experience in computer development and has lead teams to solve major problems, putting financial and data security first. His technical ability in building innovative products sits perfectly alongside his skills in understanding the complex needs and requirements of his customers.


Tamara Amarquaye - Marketing Manager

Tamara looks after all of Reitly's marketing and creative content. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and has extensive experience in social media, marketing and events. Her core skills are content creation, campaign building and copywriting.