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Saving for retirement might not be high on your priorities right now, but that list of workplace pensions that you are gathering isn't getting any shorter.

Check what's inside, whats performing best and how much you're paying in fees with our handy tools, as well as combining them all in your personal dashboard to see where you stand.

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Name Annual charges Paying in charges 1 year growth 5 year growth Invests in
Smart Pension 0.75% 0.75% 17.61% N/A 50% UK equities, 35% global equities, 15% bonds
Aviva 0.48% 0.31% 12.94% 43.34% Global, property, equity, bonds, commodities, cash
Nest - 2055 0.3% 1.8% 16.2% 8% Global, property, equity, bonds, commodities
The People's Pension 0.5%* 0% 18.35% 54.89% 80% global equities, plus bonds
Now Pensions 0.3% 0% 15.66% 22.24%

(*the more you invest, the lower the annual charge, down to 0.2%)